Maintenance Specialists

Service Pro Titans offers maintenance that can extend the life of your heating and cooling equipment and improve its performance. 

We offer system tune-ups and maintenance programs designed to suit your system’s requirements. If your system has not been serviced recently, we suggest you consider a checkup. Our experienced techs can help. Please call us at  312-312-7312 or click here to contact us.

In addition to installing and servicing systems, Service Pro Titans offers maintenance options for residential and commercial customers.


Typical Maintenance Checklist

Spring / Summer

  • Check normal cooling operation
  • Check refrigerant (a/c and heat pumps)
  • Lube and adjust condenser belts, fans, and motor
  • Wash outdoor coil and clean condenser compartment
  • Check controls-safeties-overloads
  • Check condensate drain or pump
  • Tighten all electrical and mechanical connections


Fall / Winter

  • Check normal heating operation
  • Check freon (heat pumps only)
  • Lube and adjust indoor belts, blower, and motor
  • Check and adjust pilot-burners-ignition system (gas units)
  • Check heat strips (electric units and heat pumps)
  • Check blower controls and safeties
  • Check for gas leaks


Each Maintenance

  1. Check thermostat operation
  2. Check air flow
  3. Clean or change filters


Agreements are automatically renewable annually or may be canceled by either party at any time. Service Pro Titans will guarantee rates for one year from the date of contract acceptance. Rates subject to change on annual review.