Heating & Cooling Maintenance Plans

Titan Comfort Plan

Our signature Titan Comfort plan gives you peace of mind knowing that your heating, boiler, ductless and air conditioning maintenance is being taken care of by our team of expert technicians.

 Heating and Cooling Equipment Needs Maintenance

Your furnace, boiler and AC work very hard to keep you comfortable throughout Chicago’s seasons.

Without regular servicing, the performance of your heating and cooling system will steadily decline, along with its energy efficiency.

This means it will cost you more, to do less, leaving you uncomfortable and out of pocket.

To avoid emergency breakdowns, they need regular maintenance.

Take care of them regularly and they’ll take care of you.

Get the US Department of Energy’s advice on AC maintenance

Why Service your Heating & Cooling System?

Prolong Equipment Life

Save on Energy Bills

Maintain Equipment Warranty

Prevent Emergency Breakdowns

Detect Issues Early

Improve System Efficiency

The Titan Comfort Plan includes…

Thorough annual inspections and maintenance service

Priority service if you need any repairs

Easy monthly payments

15% Savings on Repairs
Annual loyalty credit $$ towards a new system
Family & Friends Referral Discount
No Contracts or Cancellation Fees

Peace of mind that your comfort is in good hands.

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