Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Indoor Air Quality Problems

Many factors can affect indoor air quality.

Smoke, mold and certain chemicals found in household goods can all release air pollutants.

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are gases that are emitted into the air from certain chemicals.

Some are thought to be harmful and may be carcinogenic.

Building materials are capable of releasing VOCs, as are certain paints, furnishings, and cleaning products.

Humidity levels, along with allergens such as pollen and animal danders, can also cause indoor air quality problems, as can leaky or dirty ductwork.

Although every individual responds differently to indoor air pollutants and allergens, these factors significantly affect the health of many people in the US each year.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions 

Looking for an air purifier, but not sure where to start?

We’re here to help you find the right solution!

There is now a wide variety of air purifying options available on the market, suited to a range of needs and building conditions…

Electronic Air Cleaners (EAC)

Air purifiers, also known as ionizers or electronic air purifiers, use a pre-filter to trap large particles such as allergens, pollen, and dust.

The electrically charged filter-like components then capture smaller particles such as VOCs, bacteria and mold for highly effective air cleaning.


Low humidity levels allow air pollutants to hang around in the air.

Installing a humidifier can help improve air quality and can be helpful for respiratory health conditions.

The different types of humidifiers are Manual Bypass, Fan-Powered and Steam.

Steam humidifiers offer the best humidification possible, but are also the most expensive.


High levels of humidity can facilitate the growth of mold spores, which can be harmful to your health.

The risk of mold is especially high in basements.

You can use a dehumidifier to reduce the risk of mold growth by removing excess moisture from the air.

This helps to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Air Scrubber Plus

This is cutting-edge system promotes healthier air quality by minimizing air pollutants such as VOCs, cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, mold, odor-causing bacteria and unpleasant smells from cooking and pets.

The technology behind it, called ActivePure™, utilizes a specialized germicidal light and a unique catalytic process that releases enviroscrubbing molecules of oxygen and hydrogen, similar to nature’s outdoor scrubbers.

The end result is fresher, cleaner and purer air for you and your loved ones to breathe.

Fresh Air Exchanger (ERV/HRV)

One way to achieve better indoor air quality is by moving stale air outside.

In fact, local codes often require businesses to do so.

Mechanical ventilation systems can help by bringing fresh air in and expelling contaminated air at a specified rate.

This is particularly important in enclosed settings to prevent allergies and decrease the risk of airborne diseases.

UV Lamps

Germicidal UV lights installed in the main ductwork destroy dangerous bacteria.

To ensure their effectiveness, air movement should be slow enough to ensure germs are exposed to this UV light for a sufficient amount of time.

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Still unsure which indoor air quality solution is right for you?

Our team of expert technicians can assist you in selecting the perfect option and then handle the installation process professionally too.

Breathe easy knowing we’ll help you create a cleaner, healthier living space.

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Natalie BruckNatalie Bruck
02:11 26 Jul 23
Jeffrey was very kind and professional, he took time to explain everything in detail and was quick to respond to our calls and messages. They replaced our entire furnace and AC system in about 6 hrs without any issues. They made the whole process so easy, I would highly recommend!
Cindy FuscoCindy Fusco
02:50 08 Jun 23
I have been using Service Pro Titans for over a year now. This company is very professional and they do not try to sell you anything you don't need. They were able to save my air conditioner for a year. It needed replacement, but I wanted to wait until this year. Their prices are very fair and they do great work. Everyone that has been here has been very friendly, as well. I would highly recommend Service Pro Titans.
Beth RuyleBeth Ruyle
23:54 01 May 23
Luis did an excellent job repairing our heater today. Additionally, he was professional, courteous, and arrived on time. He explained the problem clearly, fixed it promptly, and tested it a few times before he left. Highly recommended!
Eloquent FoolEloquent Fool
02:05 22 Oct 22
We called Service Pro Titans out to help us diagnose and repair what we thought was a problem with the ignition on our boiler. They took the time to diagnose our 26 year old problem child of machinery, and discovered a crack in the basin. I don't mean they just randomly said, "Look at this rusted pipe we just pulled out of nowhere. Boiler's broken, buy a new one." They pulled out a few pieces to work on as I stood there, and I saw them put a dry hand under the boiler and it came out wet.We ended up buying a new boiler system from them for our 9 unit building. They did a fantastic job working with the folks in our building while they managed the installation. They had to come back a couple of times to make adjustments, and we're incredibly grateful for their hard work in making sure every unit was getting heat. They made it clear that they would work with us until everything worked right, and they did.Big shout out to Frank, who was a rockstar. Seriously, give this guy a raise! Also big props to Kevin and Tony and all the other crew who came out (I'm sorry I didn't get everyone's names!)
Chris NawaChris Nawa
16:38 11 Aug 22
All of a sudden my thermostat died and being pretty handy, I decided to replace the thermostat myself from one I purchased at the store. I have some experience with wiring so not a big repair. However, after completing the install, the AC was not blowing cold air like it was with the previous thermostat. After several troubleshooting tasks, I contacted my building’s on-site engineer who recommended I call Service Pro Titans.I called Service Pro Titans and Jeffrey answered. I discussed my situation and the steps I took. Jeffrey requested I text their office a few pictures so he could see the situation before determining if sending a technician was needed. Within an hour or so of texting the pictures (keep in mind this was around 9:30pm) I received a text from Jeffrey walking me through an additional troubleshooting task. From there, Jeffery diagnosed the “new” thermostat to be defective.The following day I exchanged the thermostat. The AC was running great!I had a great experience working with Service Pro Titans! Jeffrey was professional and quick to respond! I also really appreciate how there was no “up-selling”. Hopefully I won’t need to, but if I do…Service Pro Titans will be getting my call!
Yolanda UgarteYolanda Ugarte
23:22 09 Jul 22
Jeff was amazing! After two people before him from other companies had come to look at our A/C they just told us that we needed a new one, but could not get the current one going. I called Jeff and left a message and he called me back the same day and we discussed the issue so he could be prepared for our appointment. He called me 1 hour before he was to arrive and he arrived on time, came fully prepared with all the equipment needed to repair our AC. He was able to correct the previous work done by others who came to try to repair our AC and he was able to get the AC turned on and working perfectly. He explained to me everything that was fixed and what the issue was. Going forward we will only be calling Jeff as he truly knows how to repair the ACs in our high rise condo.
Katie KaplarKatie Kaplar
06:50 20 Feb 22
Came home on a Saturday evening to no heat. Called Service Pro Titans on a google search and promptly had a call back for service that was close to me. Service worker arrived within an hour to assess my furnace which was not functioning. Turns out, it was essentially rusting on the inside but Jeffrey was still able to get the heat on safely and provided feedback as to the ultimate fix. All work in unit took less than an hour and all happened after hours (between 10 and midnight). Service from start to finish was prompt, efficient, and helpful. Would 100% use again and recommend to others in need.
George PerezGeorge Perez
15:21 15 Jan 21
1.13.21 my fiance calls me at work because she woke up to a 60 degree house and cold radiators. They sent their best guy over by the time I got home from work. Diagnosed and shut down for safety, they were back at 8am sharp 1.14.21 to effect the corrective action on a 30yr old boiler! I totally thought I was going to get sold a new system! Nope they replaced 3 parts and it's back to 79 degrees w/i a half hour. #boilerLife #chicagoHeat