At Service Pro Titans, we’ll make sure that your unit is operating safely and efficiently. And if you ever need any AC repairs, we can flawlessly complete them. Not only are we experts at AC service, we’re also passionate about our craft and love learning more about it. Here are four interesting facts about AC systems.


  • AC & the Summer Blockbuster

Before air conditioning became widely adopted, many movie theaters got too hot in the summertime for customers to actually enjoy taking in a film. But once air conditioning was integrated into the cinema experience, moviegoers actually found an escape from the heat, and soon the “summer blockbuster” was born.


  • The First Car with AC Sold Poorly

Packard produced the first air-conditioned car in 1939. But because this car was quite expensive and the AC took up half the trunk space, it was not popular with the general public.


  • Critical to Modern Medicine

For medical laboratories to be able to do their research and testing, they require temperature-sensitive environments. Today’s AC systems create the necessary conditions for researchers to develop important medications.


  • Air Conditioning Comes to the White House

Air conditioning was first installed in the White House in 1929, under the Hoover administration. It was a lavish upgrade to the facilities, which surely must have come across as excessive when the stock market crashed in October of that year. Before this, only outdoor air cooled the White House. This often led to strong breezes entering the White House on hot days. In fact, during Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency, the breezes caused the chandelier in his residence to become so noisy that he had the chandelier removed.


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