Homeowners regularly face choices when it comes to the care of their property. When a furnace dies, for example, and questions arise about what type of model would be the best replacement option, deciding on whether to buy a gas or electric furnace might be puzzling. Choosing the right one involves understanding the differences between the two.



Not surprisingly, many homeowners weigh costs before choosing a furnace. Staying with a budget makes sense since you don’t want to spend more than you can afford. With that said, you should look at the “big picture” regarding costs. An electric furnace usually comes with a lower price than a gas one. The price could even be significantly lower. However, other costs come into play and not only ones associated with installation. For instance, gas fuel isn’t as expensive as an electric power source. Over time, though, a gas furnace may prove less costly due to reduced power expenses.



Asking, “How long will this furnace last?” is a crucial question. Once the furnace expires, it becomes time to get a new one. With a gas furnace, expect the system to last about two decades. An electric furnace, however, may keep running up to three decades. Remember, the electric heater is more costly to run. Service Pro Titans can handle furnace installation work once your old unit needs replacing. Chicago residents may also inquire about ductwork and indoor air quality services.



Both a gas and an electric furnace deliver heated air the same way, through ducts. The overall efficiency of the delivery, however, isn’t the same. A gas furnace often proves to be more efficient with its heat delivery. Gas furnaces also produce carbon monoxide, which is not the case with electric furnaces. The safety-conscious might opt for electric powered furnaces, while people living in frigid locations find gas furnaces worth its drawbacks.


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